50k Magnet (31 Miles)


Put this magnet on your car, refrigerator, etc.  to let others know that you ran 31 miles (50k)! Or hand this great running gift to a friend at the finish line of their next 50k. 5 inches wide by 3 ¼ inches high.  Distances for which we carry magnets include the half marathon (13.1), marathon (26.2), 31 miles (50k), 50 miles (50M), 62 miles (100K) and 100 miles (100M).

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Show the world that you ran an impressive 31 miles (50k) with this eye-catching magnet. Put the 50k magnet on your car or truck, refrigerator, file cabinet or on any other metal object that you can think of where both friends and strangers will see your great accomplishment.  You put in the hard work and you did it; 31 miles! Congratulations!  Now, don’t be afraid to brag a little because very few people can do what you did; maybe it will stop people from referring to you as a “jogger” when you are, in fact, a “runner”.  By displaying this magnet where others can see it, you’ll be able to share with others that you are a dedicated runner and a well trained athlete.  It’s also a great running gift to hand to a runner that you know at the finish line when they complete their first 50K. It’s a subtle way to show others that you are more than just a “casual” runner that does an occasional 5k and it’s a great conversation starter, especially if the other person conversing with you has completed the same distance!  Get to know other runners by displaying this on your car. This is a great running gift for you to get for yourself or a thoughtful gift for you to “gift” to a runner you know. Better yet, it is an inexpensive gift for the runner you know casually (under $5 including the cost of postage) yet it’s a very personal gift when the person is doing that distance for the first time. The oval magnet is 5 inches wide and 3 1/4 inches high, and sticks well to any metallic surface. It’s white with a black trim; which increases its visibility.  Distances for which we have magnets are the half marathon (13.1), marathon (26.2), 31 miles (50K),  50 miles (50M), 62 miles (100K) and 100 miles (100M).



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